• Blueberry Tart, Torta de Martilho

    Blueberry Tart

    This pie was one of the two favourites from our Brazilian lunch last week. I normally make it with ganache instead of the crème patisserie, but because I made brigadeirão as well and that’s already quite rich, I decided to change this recipe a bit and make it lighter.   Biscuit Crust Ingredients 180g Marie biscuit crumbs 4 tbsp melted butter Steps Preheat the oven at 180C. Mix the two ingredients and place it in a cake or pie pan. Press it down, leaving it even in the pan, then bake for about 7 minutes. Let it cool down.   Crème Patisserie Ingredients 60g sugar 25g cornstarch 3 egg yolks…

  • Brigadeirão
    Brazilian Food,  Desserts


    You might have already seen the brigadeiro recipe I posted here before. These one is similar but it is a baked version of brigadeiro, more like a chocolate crème caramel. It is quite simple and easy to make – really good for desserts on a Sunday since nobody is on a diet on this day of the week :). Ingredients 1 can condensed milk 1 can creamy evaporated milk* ½ cup cocoa powder 3 eggs 1 tbsp butter, plus to grease 2 tbsp sugar Steps Preheat the oven at 180C Grease a cake pan (18 cm) with soft butter. Using a blender, add first the liquids and the dry ingredients…

  • Mains

    Mushroom Risotto

    Risotto is one of the many delicious foods that the Italians created. It is so simple and tasty. When I say simple, I mean the process of making it. Everything is made in one pot, with simple ingredients and you can still make it extremely delicious and fancy to share with friends or for that special person. You can definitely make this restaurant dish at home and in fact my big tip is that you don’t need to kill yourself when you have people over. You can cook the rice with onion, wine and stock, leave it in the fridge for before hand, and on the day you have your…

  • Entree,  Mains

    Plantain Banana Gnocchi

    I love plantain banana, and back home we’re use to eat it cooked as it is or fried inside of pastel dough. I’m normally not much of  a fan of gnocchi, but since I found the plantain on Casa Ibérica I decide to give it a go. I really liked how it came out, but in my opinion it would be really nice to serve as a entree, since it still a bit sweet and can be overwhelming if it is served as a main. *At Casa Iberica, I found this plantain already cooked and frozen. I just defrosted it and put it in the food processor. Plantain Gnocchi Ingredients…